Tanning is an ancient art born in Prehistoric times which became a popular craft during the Middle Ages. It aims to make leather a product very pleasing to the eye and to the touch, versatile for everyday use and long-lasting.

This business throughout history gained a foothold between fashion and technology, coming today to outstanding achievement that allows “Made in Italy” leathers to be seen on the world stage as an excellence that often is linked with the luxury sphere.

Dermochimica S.p.A. provides reliable, innovative and sustainable chemical solutions for leather industry. With more than 50 years of experience in leather chemicals, we provide a comprehensive product range that covers the complete leather-making process, from beamhouse to finishing. Our services are supported by a consistently high product quality, the safety for the consumer and from customer support.

Tanning process is divided into three fundamental macro-categories: Beamhouse, Wet, Finishing

First operations, chemical and mechanical, to which raw leather is submitted to prepare it to tanning process.

Chemical treatments to enhance leather’s appearance and its commodities.

Processing techniques carried out on dry leathers with the aim to protect the surface and improve the appearance.

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